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Everyone likes movies, whether to get a good laugh or unravel a twisted mystery. 2authors V. & D. Povall create stories and character in a variety of genres that are bound to entertain and excite.

Current Screenplays

Title: The Gift of the Twin Houses

Genre: Mystery, Romantic, drama like Bridges of Madison County (1995) with Paranormal elements like in The Gift (2000)

Adline: Unfolding the past while giving birth to the future.

Plot Outline: Fifty-six-year-old Sarah can hear the stories of the photographs abandoned in the attic of her new home.  Setting aside her skepticism and fear, she surrenders to the stories.  Her sixth sense awakened, her ordinary lonely life is transformed. Trusting her newfound gift she opens her self to love.

An Evolving Mystery

Act 1: Sarah witnesses, contributes, and shares in the stories dating back to the 1830's of generations of occupants of her new home and its nearby twin, the house of her neighbor, Conrad Thompson, whose grandmother Angela is the one reaching out to her from beyond.

Act 2: As Sarah’s life darkens under the weight of her own untold secrets, so too do the stories she witnesses. The tales, which at first appeared separate from one another, ultimately uncover their terrible secrets of incest, jealousy, suicide, and murder, and, at long last, disclose their common thread—the lineage of the occupants of the twin houses.

Act 3: The prospect of a blissful future lies ahead if the ancestors can, at long last, rest in peace.

Title: Weekend Escape

Genre: Suspense Thriller like Deliverance (1972)

Adline: An enjoyable weekend escape turns into an inescapable nightmare.

Plot Outline:  A woman stalks the unsuspecting wife of her lover on a backpacking trip into the wilderness. Nature intervenes and survival propels the rivals into disarray. 

A Suspense Thriller:

Act 1: Lisa, disgruntled by her lover's refusal to leave his wife Andrea, decides to take matters into her own hands. When Andrea, the pampered housewife, agrees to join her cousin Rebecca for a weekend backpacking trip into the wilderness, Lisa follows. Eventually, she joins the two women with intent to harm. 

Act 2: Mother Nature unleashes its fury and their weekend escape becomes a fight for survival. Rebecca runs off to seek help, leaving Andrea, a wilderness neophyte, to care for Lisa. As the storm intensifies, 

Act 3: Andrea discovers the truth and faces a daunting decision.

Title: Nose To Nose

This screenplay was ranked in the top 100 entries in the Television/Movie Script category in the 80th Annual Writer's Digest™ Writing Competition.

Genre:  Caper Screwball Comedy Screenplay - Pink Panther meets Fun with Dick and Jane.

Adline: They do not always see "eye to eye" so they often go "nose to nose." But they soon discover that being "nosey" can uncover nasty smells and "chasing a pipe dream" can lead to rotten plumbing.

Plot Outline: A lovable married couple of bumbling detectives are framed for murder and blackmailed. They are up for the challenge and will stop at nothing to crack the case.

A Comedy:

Act 1:  Detective wannabes, the Joneses - Melvin the mailman and Lilly the waitress -  win the lottery. After sheltering their needy friends in their new Beverly Hills mansion, they decide to pursue their lifelong dream to become private detectives and follow in the footsteps of their favorite TV sleuths.  Overzealous snooping leads them to a nude corpse and a lot of trouble.

Act 2: With murder and blackmail dangling over their heads, they enlist their eccentric friends and family to get them out of this pickle. Disregarding police advice, they launch their own investigation as the noose tightens around them.

Act 3: The busy bees set up a sting with hopes to catch the killer and save themselves. Will they succeed?

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