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Creative Fiction


The Gift of the Twin Houses, book 1 in the Series The Perils of a Reluctant Psychic was published in November 2015.

Secrets of Innocence, book 2 in the series The Perils of a Reluctant Psychic was published November 2016.

Jackal In The Mirror, the third book in the series The Perils of a Reluctant Psychic, published October 2018.

Ascension  Kelahya Unbound                     A Science Fiction/Fantasy Space Opera  published in July 2020.

In 2022, look for An Educated Deaththe first book in the                  Justin Pierce Murder Mystery Series.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of the action in a TV show? We make TV watching a fun and interactive experience for the audience with a revolutionary program format. You, the audience participates in the unpredictability of life through our unique Television Series Random Destiny.

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A good screenplay should be just as engaging as a good book. We offer you the opportunity to sample a story before it makes the transition to the silver screen. From suspense thrillers to comedies, we give you the lines and scene descriptions, so you can picture how the movie will look.

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About Us

We partner in the creation of tales that capture your imagination and entertain you. With rich international family backgrounds, we bring to the page a wealth of experiences and interesting points of view. 

We have European ancestors with ties to royal families, as well as lineage from Native Americans. We have lived and know different cultures and languages, and bring to our writing a broad understanding of human nature. 

D. Povall

David is a producer, director, and actor who has been involved in films, television, theater, and commercials. He wrote his first play when he entered the field of Theater Arts, and over the years has written poetry, short stories, and screenplays. For a time, he lived in Mexico, surrounded by historians - his mother being one of them - as well as anthropologists, and archeologists. He traveled to remote areas of the country and even dabbled in Nahuatl, the language spoken by the Aztecs.

V. Povall

Victoria, born in Mexico, grew up in a family of artists and storytellers. Her father was the Director of the Classical Theater of Mexico City, and after returning to his homeland Spain, he was appointed Artistic Director of the Royal Theater. Her French mother was a well-known theatrical costume designer and estheticienne. From an early age, Victoria participated in the critique process of her father's novels, screenplays, and plays, as well as her mother's designs. She wrote and staged her first play at the age of fourteen.This creative practice propelled her lifelong passion for teaching - or as Victoria calls it, storytelling. Her doctoral dissertation focused on transformation -stimulating one's audience to imagine the future.


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